About Dalmia

An Evolution of EV Mobility Bringing You

Safety, Sustainability, Style

When evolution is too slow, Dalmia opposes the plodding progress with advanced, secure, and environmentally friendly technology.

With our credible leadership, we have a legacy of 8+ decades of experience to outperform every other EV manufacturer in the market. Our innovation has cleared the path to a safe, green, and sustainable tomorrow. We explored all highs and lows for what actually a customer looks for in an EV and listed the common denominators.

With this in mind, we created the BEASTS of tomorrow that bring you Superior Quality, Extreme Design, and Sustainability that stand out on the road in every way.

While our sustainability and safety are unmatched, we also understand that style is subjective. With that, we brought out designs for a fusion of ingenuity that evokes the thrill of adventure in every rider.
Plethora of Product Range Includes:

  • Electric Bikes & Scooties from Dalmia Cyborg
  • Electric Passenger & Commercial Vehicles from Dalmia Neuon


  • We push limits and reject the slow crawl of evolution.
  • We believe that smarter, safer, and environmentally-friendly technology should already be the best choice today.
  • Specially designed for Research & Development.
  • Starting with the Cruiser motorcycle, we reimagined the relationship between bike and rider.
  • Defining the future of mobility on a global scale.


Our mission is to protect riders with technology that adapts to humans. We believe that a true fusion of human and machine can make each journey more personal, exhilarating, and safe. Building on research at Dalmia Cyborg Research Room, Ignitron Motocorp continually explores new ways to improve battery technology and manufacturing processes. Ignitron Motocorp Products have established breakthrough performance.

The path forward

To make the safest motorbikes in India. To apply products enabled with new applications & Technology. The performance of our bikes to surpass all other electric motorbikes & technologies, To make future batteries for longer range & to be ahead on a trajectory that will take us on a global scale.

The Future

  • Setting Up Cyborg “Joule Stations” Network Across The Country. Charge Up Anywhere.
  • Setting Up Battery Swapping Stations Across The Country. Stress Free Drive, A Fully Charged Battery Awaiting.
  • Service Centre’s and Dealerships Across The Country. Stress Free Repairs & Maintenance.
  • Cyborg Mobile App For Quality Services and User Experience. Every Thing On A Touch.